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Styling Help

  • Looking for a Buddypress Expert to help us with some styling help on our new site. We are using a custom wordpress theme and the majority of buddypress is working correctly but the styling is off. We are thinking this is a pretty easy fix so it should only be a few hours of work.

    Please repsond to this thread if you are capable and interested and then we can go from there (details, pay, etc.)


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  • paulhastings0


    @mzuvella Well, since no one else has replied to this thread I guess I’ll offer my services. I’m fairly comfortable with the BuddyPress interface and know a decent amount of CSS. Shoot me an email with more details and I can give you a quote: paulhastings0 [att]



    I can also help, But Paul is also quite experienced with BuddyPress, so he would be a great choice as well.

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the response, but we are in a time crunch and we went with someone on oDesk. Thank you for the offers, I will keep you in mind in the future.



    I am looking for a similar ‘service’ – can’t get the “step 3” to work – getting the theme to work on the BP, or vice-versa.
    Is it OK to email you Paul, or Dwenaus??
    If anyone is on Skype – add me (rcpssmark) it would be very helpful if I could send the files through then perhaps you can talk me through what I have to edit, as I will have other sites I will have to do this on.

    Thanks, Mark

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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