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Subdomain on Network Install

  • Andrew Tegenkamp


    This sounds like a great plugin and would save me from writing my own but my situation may be a little unique.

    I setup a Network (Multisite) following and then setup Buddypress as blog #2 on the members subdomain by following the directions at

    I have installed your plugin and activated it from the Members dashboard, but have not activated it from the main site dashboard. I have followed instructions here to determine if it is reading the mm-buddypress-private-community-config.php file and it appears it is not as the REDIRECT_HOOK is still bp_pc_redir_to despite using your example of my_redir_to in my config file. Have you run into this before and do you know any to debug this?


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  • Andrew Tegenkamp


    Wow, your plugin works great with the setup I mentioned above. I did not read the readme correctly and and did not create the folder buddypress-private-community-config so it was never finding my config file. Sorry about that! It works great if you use Buddypress as a subdomain ( it works great if you just activate it on your BuddyPress Dashboard and not your main dashboard!

    Now that I’ve read the docs I’ve set mine to allow registrations but you have to be logged in to see members/groups/etc. That works great with just this setup:

    MM_BUDDYPRESS_PRIVATE_COMMUNITY::$ALLOWED_URIS = Array(‘/about’, ‘/register’, ‘/activate*’);

    Please let me know if you have any ideas, as my target is a church website where BuddyPress is a subdomain for members. People can sign up and participate but I did not want random people and bots to see things like prayer requests, but I did not want all the groups to be private because of the admin overhead, so this is perfect. I may customize the config file more, but you’ve got me thinking of all the possibilities, and I appreciate it!

    Now onto locking down the registration form so I know it’s real people signing up! I’ve heard but haven’t tried it yet.



    Glad you got it working, I hope you managed to configure it to your needs…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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