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Subscribe to all avtivity

  • Jens Wedin



    Would it be possible to use this plugin to subscribe to all activity on a Buddypress site. My site don’t have that much activity in the groups. But instead I would like to send out mail digests of people adding blogg articles, comments. The things that are in the activity stream really. Is this possible?

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  • Dwenaus


    the plugin could be adapted to do that for your use, but the base plugin won’t go in that direction. can hack a bit in php? if yes, then it will be will take an hour or so to get it to work to send a daily digest to all site members of all activity.

    Jens Wedin


    ok,thanks. I’m not a coder, more of a copy&paste guy…



    I am not sure if I understood Dwenaus correctly. I thought it was a common feature of forums to allow members to subscribe to a forum thread and so receive notification of new posts via email.

    Are you saying this is not the direction the buddy press forum plugin would take? Or did I misunderstand?

    I am asking because I came here looking to see if there was a way to have all new thread posts sent to all members. Then if they wanted they could subscribe to the thread or not.

    Thanks for any feedback



    this plugin does what you’re looking for. You should subscribe people to the level ‘new topics’ which sends out the first post, but not the subsequent replies. In the first email it tells people if you want follow up emails, you need to go and follow that post. best of luck.



    @Jens Wedin, did you ever figure out a way to modify this plugin so that you can allow all members of the site to receive email subscriptions of all activity posts? This is exactly what I’m looking for. I am allowing members to post to the activity stream via email and then want all users to receive these posts via email, either as they come in or in a digest.

    Thanks for the help, it’s appreciated greatly!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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