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Suggested integration

  • As you have integrated a number of other plugins to the points system i.e ‘Links’ it might be worth considering working in Boonegorges ‘Invite Anyone’ plugin. If the points system is used in the attempt to create and foster site activity then members inviting new members to join ought to be rewarded., probably on the acceptance of an invite e.g the members invite list shows an accepted ‘True’ in the DB rather than on the simple act of sending an invite otherwise might be sent rather a lot of invites.

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  • If you have played around with anything other than defaults with things like db prefixes then things will likely go wrong (or would they? I’ll have to check that when there’s time to run a fresh install), it relies on a defined constant set in iirc wpmu-settings.php the variable $wpmuBaseTablePrefix is set to the variable in wp-config.php which by default is $table_prefix = ‘wp_’

    It sounds vaguely as though somewhere down the line your edits were getting changed somehow?

    Griffin Boyce


    @hnla Your new if/else addition worked great though. Had to add the edit through cpanel. The plugin editor would die when I tried to change it there (with all of them). But initially changing it in cpanel caused a fatal error.

    Come to think of it, I’m not sure if I did any hacking to make the Plugin Editor available. Hmmm. If so, that could be what’s preventing me from editing the plugin through the backend.

    The only time I ever used a cpanel editor I recalled in horror from it and never tried it again :)

    In seriousness though why do I have the vaguest recollection that there are issues that can arise with editing in that manner, something about how it can save text or code or make a hash of doing so correctly?

    Griffin Boyce


    @hnla I haven’t had any issues, since I use the cpanel text editor. Can’t comment on the cpanel code editor. I like it because I can see changes immediately, without having to FTP anything in. Dreamweaver on the other hand… I’ve had it eat my PHP code many times. Actually it just fubar’d a bunch of wordpress code for a big project. Still bitter LOL.

    So far haven’t had any new issues or anything with it. Cubepoints was actually working well with WPMU+BP (minus Top Users) before installing the integration plugin, but I like the additions that it brings.

    Any chance of getting the “Ranks” module working in WPMU/BuddyPress?

    It works for me on WPMU, what exactly isn’t perceived as working?

    Pedro Miguel



    Any news about the plugin integration? Do you have any clue when you have time to release it?


    Griffin Boyce


    @keneticimages, It doesn’t work “out of the box” — you have to make code changes in order to fix it. Keep in mind that you will have to do it again when the plugin updates.

    I updated the plugin thinking that it would include this fix… but it didn’t! So now I am re-applying the code patch.

    @hnla This plugin is NOT fully compatible with WPMU. You *MUST* fix the code manually with every update.

    Hugo Ashmore



    This plugin is NOT fully compatible with WPMU

    Wasn’t aware that it had been stated anywhere that it did work out of the box so to speak for WPMU, Yes you have to make changes, yes these are manual, yes you will have to re-do these changes with updates, that was the best that could be done, hunting down issues and providing solutions is time consuming sadly it’s not always possible for these fixes to be added to the core download files – these are not my plugins! – one fix for the rank images not appearing that I provided for the parent cubepoints plugin was merged into the core download, the other fix was not due to the authors wanting to wait for WP 3.0 before further changes. The two fixes for BP cubepoints will likely follow the same course in waiting for WP 3.0, short of forking the plugin (pointless and slightly rude) the fixes will have to be manually configured for which the necessary code changes have been provided in various threads within the group.



    Lets get this topic back to ideas for the plugin.

    What about s2memeber support..Like 10,000 for a payed account the very frist time they pay and 500 for any other time they pay. Also a -250 for deavitvating account. Upgrading an account 2,000 but down grading should be -100 per level droped.

    For example

    free account > bronze= 10g > silver = 2g+500 > gold = 2g+500 > droped to silver = -100 > canceled now free account = -350
    15,000-450= 14,650 point gained afterward.



    What’s the link to this plugin?



Viewing 12 replies - 51 through 62 (of 62 total)
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