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Suggestion: Achievement Event When a Friendship Request is Accepted

  • thealchemist


    Oddly enough, unless I am reading the event list for “Members”, there isn’t an achievement for receiving an achievement when a friendship request is accepted.
    For example, the user sends an invite (that’s an event) and when that invite is accepted that should be an event.
    My thinking is that receiving and achievement for “friending” everyone regardless of the connection only encourages “friend” spamming. BUT a user needs to have a good profile and have some content for someone to want to accept that friendship.
    I have tired achievements: Friendly Joe, Gregarious Bob, Slutty Sam and Whoring Harry which are achievements for inviting 5, 10, 25 and 50 peeps to be friends. I’d rather it be when the user invite has been accepted by those numbers of peeps.

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