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SUGGESTION: Buddystream Extensions.

  • @ChrisClayton


    Hey Peter, Love your plugin!
    It’s ALMOST perfect! i just have one suggestion!

    Having the major mainstream networks in the core plugin is fine, but adding hundreds of niche sites gets a little too much. Lets pretend i have a buddypress community for mothers – i could create an extension that would add ‘CafeMom’ activitys into the stream [but it wouldnt make sense in the core as only 1% of sites would use it.]

    This is currently possible, but you have to modify the plugin core – WHICH AS YOU KNOW, IS A BAD IDEA.
    It doesnt seem that difficult to include some sort of BS-Extensions folder outside of the buddystream folder that buddystream can look inside for these extensions

    By doing this, you also wont need to create that many plugins – you have on your roadmap that you want to build a “linkedin” intergration but what if a user created it for you? When someone creates an extension, they can add it to an ‘extensions directory’ on your site for users to download them – if you notice one specific extension being popular, you could polish it up and add it to the core plugin – this way instead of spending an hour coding a linkedin intergration a user could create it and [assuming its popular enough for the core] it should only take afew minutes to polish it for the core. That way the time your spending developing intergrations for linkedin and other sites could be used for more important things such as support, or fixing bugs.

    As buddypress is being used for all sorts of weird and wacky niches, this would also enable you to ensure buddystream is PERFECT for every niche in every shape and form.

    Just a suggestion ;)
    Hope you consider it!!!

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  • namith.jawahar


    Unfortunately the plugin is too costly ($75 an year is rip off in my opinion) for us developers to spend time working on it. I cant understand the logic behind an yearly subscription model. If someone is ready to start a free alternative plugin project I am ready to contribute my coding time.

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