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[Resolved] swa clicking [Read more] links in activity stream not expand

  • bcnbuda


    WP 3.5
    BP 1.6.2

    Using buddypress-sitewide-activity-widget on my homepage. When my users click [Read more] links of excerpts a spinning graphic appears like it’s going to expand but it never does.

    I’ve discovered that if you right-click the [Read more] link and select “Open Link in New Tab” it will take you to the original content in a new tab but this is not obvious or intuitive. Would expect this to work the same as on the activity page where clicking the links expands the excerpts perfectly.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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  • danbpfr



    first of all, have you tested with the bp-default template ?
    Second, seems there is a more recent version (3 mounth ahead) of the plugin here:

    The one on the official repository is from 2011-10-07 .
    The initial plugin was intended for BP 1.2, then updated to 1.5. Now we are in the 1.6 series, and it’s possible that he isn’t optimized to work with BP 1.6.2

    If you continue to encounter this problem, i would suggest to make things as simple as possible by declaring the SWA as your start page, so you don’t need this plugin.







    thanks very much. that did the trick. When I visited that site to get the newer plugin I noticed a tab that said something about 3 issues and one of them was the same as mine and the person that reported that issue also provided a “patch”. I copied that code into my swa.js file and that cleared up the problem with the spinning graphic and now the rest of the excerpt expands. So I’m a happy chappie.

    There are a few differences with this new plugin. I notice the buttons that used to allow you to reply or comment in the activity stream on the home page are gone. Now all you can do is read the posts and if you want to reply you must go to the Activity page where those buttons are still there. I’m going to try to figure out where I can add some test at the top of the feed that says something like “Read here, reply here” where the second “here” is a link to the Activity Page.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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