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Template Tag / Action Call

  • Will D. White


    The plugin works great, and I appreciate your hard work.

    I would like to display a small map just below the avatar of the user. This entails adding the call to the map outside of the places you have listed as options in the admin panel.

    What is the line(s) of code I can add to the user profile / group profile templates that would call this?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • @hnla @WillDWhite I am searching for the same exact thing. I need to display the map under the profile address but above some other profile fields and I can’t do this with the admin options. Is there a template tag you found? I’m not aware of other plugins that will achieve this profile map. It’s a really good idea. Thanks in advance.

    The plugin has now been updated to include ability to render maps for the members directory & group member loops, also maps can be added a function call while passing parameters and also via a shortcode.

    For both your requirements adding the function call where you need a map should work, parameters are explained on the admin setup page.

    I might at a future date add the ability to let users add a do_action name into the setup page and then use that as a further region a map may be fed into – then the user would modify a page with a do_action and the map plugin would use that as a new add_action if set.

    @hnla Wow, I had no idea this thread was replied to. BP really needs a notification system like WP. Thanks for the update!

    @hnla , Can the map be displayed where the Location field is in the profile field groups? Even with a function call, we cannot insert the map into the buddypress profile fields because of the way the code displays the data.

    This is what is output and where I’d like to place my map:

    12 Sesame St, City, NY 90210


    Basically, I want the map displayed between the username/address and a long bio field. I’d use CSS to push the map down on the page but each profile length varies depending on content of course. Any ideas?

    @hnla I would like to possibly hire you to modify the BP User Profile Map plugin in another way but cannot find any other way to contact you. Please contact me so I can give you more details, etc. Thanks!

    @inhouse apologies I didn’t see notification of your response either :) I haven’t left an email address in the readme.txt – my bad; there is an address in the headers in the loader.php file.

    I’ll ping you an email though.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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