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Temporary achievements

  • For my community site I came up with the idea to have a couple of funny achievements designed to lightheartedly point out a common wrongdoing, like:
    – RTFM – oh snap, you got direct-linked.
    – LMGTFY – A preemptive search would have made it all better.

    Thing is, users probably wouldn’t like to have these tokens attached to them for all eternity. So what I’d like to be able to do is make certain achievements time-based, in the sense that they’ll expire after a certain amount of time. The two examples above for instance, should expire after two weeks.

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  • Would you want those achievements to be merely deactivated, or deleted from the system? concerned about automatic deletion as someone may have changed their mind after setting the expiry.

    I don’t get what you mean by deleted. Deleted from where?

    All I’m talking about is detaching a given achievement from a user. From the point that I’m “rewarded” the RTFM achievement, it would appear in my profile for exactly two weeks from that point on. Once the two weeks are up, the achievement would be automatically removed from my profile.

    Doesn’t sound like something to be concerned about to me. Is there something about the way this would have to work that I don’t get?

    Ok, so you’d want an achievement unrewarded after X time. Will consider implications of this.

    This wouldn’t scale. It’d need to a timer / cron event for each unlock of each achievement. The more unlocks or the more users, the harder it would hit the server.

    Oh, that’s too bad. And the implications would be the same for pretty much any timed event?

    What about a notification sent to a designated admin after X time?

    A per-achievement timer would be alright, but a per-achievement per-unlock wouldn’t. I think there may be some ways around this, but I’m finding it hard to envisage this as a feature that most users would use. I can better see a use for achievements that automatically closed once a specified deadline had pass (competition entry, perhaps).

    I see, nevermind it then. The competition style achievement could certainly come in handy, though I for one wouldn’t consider it high priority right now.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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