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The Future of Places

  • A post was recently started on KMZ files and place descriptions that has led to the inevitable moments where we as a gPress community need to decide the fate of “places”.

    My initial rambling on this topic can be found at:

    However, I wanted to start a new thread so we could keep the topic of KMZ files and the topics of “places” in two separate threads.

    Looking forward to all feedback! :-)

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  • PS


    Hey Mark, the current feature list includes “Multiple Places in Single Map”.
    Could you please elaborate how to get this functionality?
    Is it possible to import say 3-4 places in a custom page with shortcode or otherwise?

    At the moment, the only documented way to add multiple places to a map is by adding “all” places, as seen in the shortcodes example on my demo site – (the map at the bottom uses the shortcode for adding the map to any page you want.

    It may also be possible to use a few undocumented tricks with the shortcode arrays to cherry-pick specific places to show, but documentation for this project is embarrassingly low – but what to do? I work 5 days a week, have 1 day for this and 1 day for my family, so do I spend the day working on documentation and tutorials or fine-tuning early features and (or) adding new functionality?

    If you are unable to figure out what you need and need it urgently, do let me know and I’ll set aside a moment to dig into the code and see if the functionality is there already. I really need to start developing the hooks and filters for this thing, so requests like this will surely force that much needed event to happen… :p

    However, very close to the top of the priorities is the ability to easily add pre-defined places to posts, but this is not going to be rushed as the key focus to adding the places is the reason for adding the place. Is it a reference, a check-in, a recommendation – the reasons for adding the place bring true definition to the future of gPress, but before we move on to this part of the development (series 0.3), we must first perfect the place itself and how it interacts with WP, WP MS and BP – once we have that fine-tuned (through the 0.2 series), we can move forward from a solid foundation.



    It’s your fault Mark! :)

    Who put you in the first place to develop something that a lot of different communities have been looking forward to for a long time. I am sure you didn’t see so many possible applications when you started but i am sure more will pop up in time

    In my case, the social enterprise i’m starting needs to put people together to change the communities they live in. So the (ideal) plugin puts people on a map so they can find themselves according to where they live in the city. A possibility to pick address from the registration form and automatically update the map would be a god send in this case (let me know if i could hack this somehow if it’s not in the plans.). Besides this function, community development projects are already happening in the community and i want them placed on a map too so they can get noticed and supported. I can add places to the map with a brief description but ideally once you click on the event title it should take you to a page with more details and further options for visitors.

    So in my case it isn’t a reference, a recommendation or a check in. Its a page where members go to join in a cause, start groups, communicate, make use of all other buddypress functionalities.

    Not sure i made myself understood but …



    We will be focusing on hooks and filters in version 0.3+ of gPress.

    I think I have finally figured the best way of handling the different ways that places can be used, and that would be by allowing people to build their own places (like forms) from choices of inputs, radios buttons, etc.

    Allowing for any possibilities imaginable.

    The main reason I have limited the description length and stripped the HTML is to avoid JavaScript errors when displayed on a map, but the building blocks used to describe a place can be shown as regular text before or after the map…

    As such, I have just added it as Priority 8 for version 0.2.5+ – which will be reflected on our online roadmap – – when we make our next upload…

    Thanks again for your feedback and support…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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