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Theme Unit Test results for BuddyPress default theme

  • Tammie Lister


    I just ran the Theme Unit Test as suggested in this thread . I added to this a ‘kitchen sink’ editor test creating a post using all the basic styling from the post editor. Another reference point used was the

    Here are my initial findings and first suggestions from them – will create ticket out of them with code to fix once floated for opinion:

    Don’t exist or need fixing in some way:
    1. .gallery-caption – doesn’t exist
    2. .sticky (recommended class) – doesn’t exist aside from in table format
    3. .bypostauthor (recommended class) – doesn’t exist
    * comments / trackbacks and their formatting is being dealt with by the comment upgrades @modemlooper is doing so leaving out of list

    Possible enhancements:
    * I will note in light of the rule we seem to be following of ‘passive changes to default theme’ unless it’s a significant working thing for the starting point, not certain these are all good to proceed with and would say they are not. I think this is the general feeling gained from the posts and comments I’ve seen this week. Any thoughts on this just let me know.
    1. Blockquote – could be styled stronger
    2. Headers – stylistically there is an argument to tie in with theme maybe text shadow but I would worry about the non passive nature of this.
    3. Post: Center-align, no caption – suggestion: Padding top / bottom
    4. Post: Image thumbnails class – suggestion: Padding left
    * these next ones Twenty-ten has for instance so suggesting
    5. dd / dt (assume lists that people were asking for)
    6. blockquote cite, em, i
    7. abbr / acronym
    8. sup, sub
    9. big
    10. ins

    Unable to find problem with:
    1. Lists – these fitted just as basic styles but did work we only have ul / ol but I think for now perhaps those are good enough unless a huge call to add to those? This is covered above in dd / dt

    Further conclusions:
    As I did this I have also created a ticket of housekeeping in relation to the default.css with regards to removal of unused elements and also a tidy up (offered to provide file if wanted also). I’m thinking about this in terms of a lot of people may use this theme to learn BuddyPress themes and a tidy CSS sheet will help that. This is a good starting point maybe to tidying it up. This would contain no impact on existing child themes again staying with the ‘passive improvements’.

    The theme review page also includes a list of things maybe should be looked at being added to the BP Default:

    “Theme is recommended to incorporate the following WordPress core functionality, but is not required to do so. However, if incorporated, functionality must support the core WordPress implementation:

    *Whether or not these are in progress haven’t check I have something will put forward for backgrounds but listing all aside from navigation which I know is done.
    * Post Thumbnails:
    add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’) in functions.php
    * Custom Header (already supported):
    * Custom Background:
    * Visual Editor CSS:
    editor-style.css file

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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