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Theme your adminbar!

  • pcwriter


    Heads up!

    Add-All-Nav-Links-to-BP-Adminbar just got a whole lot more flexible. Here are the enhancements to the latest update:

    – Added the ability to simply resize and/or reposition the adminbar without having it scroll with your pages. Along with color scheme configuration, you can now theme your adminbar to match the look & feel of your site just by checking a few boxes.
    – Added the ability to enable or disable the addition of WordPress pages and/or Buddypress components. It should be up to you to decide to add them, not the plugin. Now you can.
    – Cleaned up the admin section by moving all the help & additional info to a side panel revealed on mouseover for each feature.

    You can grab the current version 2.1.1 here, or from the WordPress repo.

    The next update will enable you to apply all changes to just the main site/blog, or your entire network (still gotta figure out how to code that function though!)

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