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things to take care before hosting our social networking site (bp)

  • does buddypress is a resource hog …do it require more resources than any other dynamic websites….
    things i need to take care before hosting my bp site for eg: bandwidth , db , webspace and all that ?
    i m a newbie any help woul d be appreciated ….!

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  • Not really the right place to ask the question naved, this group is really for discussing hosting options, and experiences.

    As for the question it entirely depends on what your site is serving, the amount of traffic, concurrent connections, plugins running, db activity etc etc. BP is no more a resource hog than any other dynamic site and even it it does start to require resources (resources are items that belong to the server and operating system ) if you are on shared hosting there will be little you can do to adjust settings, tune the server and db etc, in this case it would be time for you to migrate to a VPS or dedicated server where you have full control over server resources.

    In short you want as many resources as you can afford, but depending on how busy your site is going to be, if you are expecting a large busy community with a lot of activity then do not try to run on shared hosting, provision a VPS it’s more expensive but you’ll need it.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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