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Thinking outloud open discussion: ideas, opinions and thoughts on the default theme

  • Tammie Lister


    Based on several ticket comments, threads and discussions I figured be a good idea to get a solidifying of what people thought about doing with the default theme so we can have an open discussion and work together as a community on things. I’m really interested in some of the various opinions I’ve heard and like to find out more as I’m sure others would.

    I know many have had some ideas from @mercime @bowromir @hnla and many more.

    So I guess the question is what are your thoughts…..

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  • Well I laid down the kernal of my thoughts in that ticket; of starting to produce the next generation default theme but that it be constructed from the ground up and working in a rather specific and non too conventional manner, Creating a css file structure – sans rulesets – in advance then rewriting the core files with improved naming where thought necessary and improved markup sans empty clearing elements, unnecessary divs etc. When that process is completed – and I advocate it being a slow studied process looking at all areas – then a solid framework is ready that can be used to actually start designing on top of and the process of describing presentation can begin, this, should, also mean a solid base to use to build themes or child themes from. I propose a github repo be set up to work it from, and when it’s ready and if required it can be moved to the BP SVN.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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