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Toggle to allow email invitation and registration when general registration is turned off is broken

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  • Zigzag McQuack


    @boonebgorges, hi! Any news?



    I am having this problem too. Tested on a clean install with WP 3.4.1 / BP 1.5.7 / IA 1.0.15. From looking at the logs on my live site, this potentially has been broken for about 7 months or so, since zero of the invitations have been accepted since then. Perhaps this is due to Buddypress changing something (maybe BP 1.5?). I’d love a solution.

    I am also adding the other bug I found last night in seperate discussion. Thanks for an otherwise great plugin @boonebgorges. I have really enjoyed using it for the past 1-2 years!


    David Hunt


    Yes, I have also just discovered this bug. I really hope we can have a fix soon, this feature is vital to my installation! For my site, membership must be by invitation only.

    David Hunt


    Digging around the plugin code, I found that in `by-email.php` is a section starting around line 1223 with the following comment:

    `// This is a royal hack until there is a filter on bp_get_signup_allowed()`

    It seems that since then, filtering is allowed on bp_get_signup_allowed, see here:

    So maybe someone is able to replace that “royal hack” with the right code, would that fix the bug?

    David Hunt


    Well, I found a workaround. For me it wasn’t a problem with the toggle … kind of.

    I found that in the function `invite_anyone_bypass_registration_lock()`, it was this check that was causing the failure:

    `$bp->current_component != BP_REGISTER_SLUG `

    This seems to be because (i) I had changed the slug of my BP registration page and (ii) my registration page is a child page of another page.

    Workaround: I set my slug to be “register” and set the registration page to be a main page — and lo-and-behold, email invitations work again even with site registration disabled.

    I don’t know if that’s a bug in WordPress, BuddyPress, or this plugin. Hopefully this workaround will help others to have a functional site.





    Many thanks @dvd3141, setting my registration page back to a slug of ‘register’ also worked for me!



    I have tried the changing the slug to register solution and that still doesn’t work.. any idea what this may be? Or another work around?

    Thanks 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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