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Translation to Dutch – Vertaling naar Nederlands

  • Hi, I have got my buddypress blog up and running, great app! However I am having a hard time getting the translation right. Of course I downloaded the lates po and mo files. Link:
    * I want to change the tab name “Overzicht” to “Welkom” but somehow I cannot find where to change this. It is a page that I assigned to be the static home page, it is not called Overzicht. If I assign another page as static home page it gets called ” Overzicht” as well.
    * About 80% is getting translated however not everything. Changing the po file has no effect.


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  • Found the solution of 1st issue in changing the name in /wp-content/themes/bp-defaultheader.php.I was also able to change the order of the tabs there so that’s great.

    Second item, that not everything is getting translated through the po file, is still an issue.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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