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Translators – please read!

  • Ze Fontainhas


    I suspect most of you know me from the wp-polyglots mailing list, where I help coordinate the localization and translation efforts for WordPress.

    In the name of relieving the BuddyPress core developers from i18n burdens (particularly those developers whose first name is Andy), I’ll be at your disposal for helping out in all i18n questions from now on.

    The way we thought it’d make more sense, and if everyone is ok with it, is to start using the wp-polyglots mailing list for two types of requests:

    I suspect all other discussions can probably take place in these very forums. As to the rest, we’ll just see how it goes. This all means that if you haven’t joined already, it’s probably a good idea to join the wp-polyglots mailing list .

    As always, comments and suggestions are very welcome.


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Viewing 23 replies - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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