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  • I want to use this plugin but I am little bit helpless how to get it to work. I created a new profile field (text area) called Location in the buddypress settings. How can I now display the location. I tried to enter a city in the profile and the country but it does not show anything. Only the Location with a button “Edit” is shown. Can you maybe post a small tutorial for getting started?

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  • Did you go to the settings page and select a region for the map to display in? By default I set it to not display the admin has to decide where they want it to display (on bp-default the best option is in the profile loop as it sits there quite well)

    With the plugin you have to be aware that it only really works outputted in the profile views, if you added it to the main sidebar and navigated to a page such as activity or home then it won’t display the map.

    I do not really know what you mean, I only have the option “UPM settings”, where I can set the map dimensions and the are where it will be shown… I set it to bp_before_loop_content!

    Ok then you should see a map displayed on the users public profile page, basic or default styling of which should place it to the right of the users profile display if not are you using a custom theme? Has it got the correct action hooks in place in the files, try adding the widget to sidebar and see if that displays when viewing a users profile.

    I am using the Theme fishbook, it is based on bp-default. There is nothing displayed, not in the profile and not in the widget. Maybe you can have a look on my site, you can maybe register and check: !

    Just wondering whether it has anything to do with Language? i.e it needs to be in English ‘Location’

    I named the field Location, but it does not work. Now it works in the widget, but only when i am on my user account. It does not work in the profile…

    Matt Edminster


    Looking forward to using this plugin. I like the way you’ve structured it: no muss, no fuss. But … yep, it’s not displaying. I’m running a theme based off the standard bp theme, have a Location field in xprofile, have populated that field with “City, Country”, and have chosen to display the map before the loop. All that displays (floated right where the map ought to be) “Location . Edit”. “Edit” of course would lead me to the profile edit field, but the link is broken. Any guesses?

    Sounds as though everything is working except the actual google map geo locate i.e google is not getting the required location or not in a form that it can return co-ordinates on.

    I would need to have steps to replicate the error in order to be able to see whether there is some issue I have overlooked, one thing to try is keep feeding different location strings to see if that is the issue.

    The broken edit link doesn’t sound right, again not sure why without testing further, which I’ll try and do when I have a moment.

    Naturally and apart from the broken link aspect custom themes can be an issue and to test for that one ought to activate bp-default to see if that works which would point to an issue with the custom theme.



    @hnla same experience as @chiinook in WP 3.0.3 – BP 1.2.6 test install – WP Multisite installed in root with subdomain structure and BP installed in primary blog.
    Also, in plugin’s admin settings page, the link to `` leads to 404 page where “

    @mercime thanks for the feedback as presently I have none of these issues and although haven’t tested massively did test on an older version of BP & WP quickly and all was well, it’s a little worrying as this was intended – hopefully – to be a straight forward plugin with little that ought to break.

    I will look further when there is a minute.

    Out of interest and because I was testing other stuff I changed the ‘edit’ link on the map from ‘bp_is_my_profile()’ to ‘bp_loggedin_user_id() == bp_displayed_user_id()’ but as I haven’t got the issue replicated can’t tell if that would make a difference I suspect that either this or ‘bp_loggedin_user_domain()’ have changed in some way or perhaps never did work in all scenarios but they were taken from the original examples and I think is as used here on the support site profiles.

    I need to be able to replicate the issues in order to be able to fix and that is the stumbling block at the moment.

    Found a few issues when running on a mirror test install on another box where i wasn’t managing to pass variable values into function scope correctly but for various reasons wasn’t apparent. Fixed that and that should sort out the issues mentioned however svn is not letting me checkout a new tag to the WP repo sadly SVN is a heap of.. operator error? yes but still…

    I’ll have to come back to the SVN issue when there is free time.

    @Tolden @chiinook @mercime

    Tagged a new version that hopefully corrects things – at least it corrects an issue I found with manner in which I was passing variable data around – still not 100% sure why it worked on two original but different installs so suspect there may still be issues I’ve overlooked.



    @hnla thank you. Will check new version tonight and report back :-)



    @chiinook Can you tell me how you ‘populate a field?’ Eg To ensure that the plugin will use the location from ‘City, Country’ to create the map (so users dont have to enter their location twice).

    Matt Edminster


    Well, maybe this has something to do with my problem … but in the Location field I’ve created in xprofile I put in for example “Tallinn, Estonia” as opposed to “Tallinn”. I’m assuming that this is the way the plugin draws its location data.

    Are you referring to your members user profile, after you have created the new profile field? Google should return a map based on what you have mentioned above if not play around try just Estonia and other variations to get the map kicked into life.



    @hnla Late reporting, my bad :-) Tested in two installs

    1. Worked in test install BP 1.2.7 – WP 3.0.3 multisite subdomain structure. There’s even a dropdown to choose map, satellite, hybrid, or terrain. Very cool. This had my 15 must-use mu-plugins, bp-custom.php, functions.php in bp-default child theme.

    2. In another install with same BP/WP config. Unfortunately, upgrade to new version doesn’t resolve the issue. To be fair, this was in test install had not only the same 15 must-use mu-plugins, bp-custom.php and functions.php files but also had 10 BP-dependent plugins and 10 WP plugins as well. I’ve disabled the plugins but no go, will check this out more.

    Related to this, when BP UPM didn’t work for 2nd site in BP1.2.6, the code given in pastebin worked with all BP/WP plugins activated. However, same code went kaput with upgrade to BP 1.2.7


    Not sure what the issues are now? The upgrade to 1.2.7 worries me as that shouldn’t really cause any issues.

    I will try installing the plugin on a fresh install and see if I can force any issues but starting to feel as if these issues are indicative of the slightly fragile nature of WP/BP and it’s plugin approach, as this plugin was meant to the most simple of plugins that required very little by way of testing and faffing around with and certainly doesn’t warrent using up much time in testing and troubleshooting.

    I had been adding a few site admin options to allow the finer customization of the map display and wanted to then have a look at trying to get a members list display working, but may have to shelve these for now.

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