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Twitter requires new OAuth

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  • Pisanojm


    As someone that has championed this plug-in… I am getting very concerned about the lack of support/updates for it… or even timelines… @blackphantom can we get some ideas as to where you are going with this… Would you consider having other developers help you look at maintaining this….

    If this plugin fails to be supported there are no other plugins that allow you pull tweets into BuddyPress via individual accounts…. this would be a major sticking point for me…

    I realize that there is no reason for any plugin dev. to continue to support anything, but some things, like this, just seem to be to important for the ongoing health of what a number of us are trying to do with BuddyPress. I’ve already donated two times to this plugin and have written much trouble-shooting information and text edits… I’d be glad to donate again if we can get some of the kinks worked out… like the breaking of the RSS feeds and issues with it slowing down the site when Twitter is over loaded.

    There was another plugin that pulled in users tweats into their profile account it was called Twire, worked perfectly well up until about 1.2.4?, it seemed a simpler plugin so why doesn’t someone have a go at getting it back up and running for 1.2..5.2 / 1.2.6 wouldn’t have thought it be much more than a few function call changes





    @anton not quite the same thing… I need users to be able to pull their own Tweets into their Status Timeline… I also need the ability to make it filtered so only specific tweets are imported and I like the ability to limit the number of Tweets per day that can be imported so it doesn’t become a Twitter/Spam fest….. Frankly, Tweetstream is the ticket… it just needs some minor adjustments… which are, to me, major.




    Twire sounds interesting….



    Anyone can take this plugin and move it forward. That’s why WP licensing is all about, so plugins that don’t get updated can be by the community.

    I do think we need a BP Twitter integration but pulling tweets into a BP site is the wrong way to go in my opinion. The whole social landscape is a bunch of noise. Allowing tweets to fill a BP activity stream is spam. Now having a tweet feed widget on a users profile thats worth while.

    I just think people should participate in their communities instead of putting their profiles on auto with useless twitter dribble.

    Maybe I will challenge myself with creating a useful plugin. :)



    @modemlooper I respectfully disagree with your assessment of pulling tweets into a site. In our situation (and many others) a large part of our PLN is integration with the established PLN already on Twitter or some other social media forum. We use this and multiple other Social Networking sites as vehicles of information exchange. We are not trying to be exclusive, but rather inclusive. Tweetstream allows us to control the so-called “noise” by adding filters so specific hashtags can be pulled in and others ignored. In addition, we can limit the amount of Tweets per day pulled in and the time of the day… this is exactly the kind of robust framework I/we need in this type of plugin…. Frankly, I would like to see this kind of framework in other plugins as well (facestream, same developer, isn’t as developed as of yet)… The “noise control” of this type of plugin is amazing, especially in a registered site like ours…

    Many people look at the social networking plugins as only a way to get more people to “come” to their site, as educators we are looking as the connectivity of social networking in a much more broad capacity… how can we use the power of RSS feeds, APIs, and Social Networking to allow multiple sites the ability to communicate with each other? How can we build a social community of social communities? How can we get better information out about our disciplines and organize existing information so that people can find it, learn from it, collaborate with it, create new information from it, and share it to start the process over again. While most educators and researchers are not programmers, we have the utmost appreciation for those of you that allow us the flexibility to create easier-to-use opportunities (like the universal ease of using and transferring information in ATOM or RSS FEEDS) that good plugins and great APIs provide. The need for the cross-pollination ability and communication standardization of the myriad of social networking-style sites and Web 2.0 programs is great, especially in education.

    The discovery, integration, and usage of Twitter hashtags by educators is nothing short of a communications break-through… and the value of these hash-tags can be transferred into other social-networking/media mediums. Social media and the harnessing of it has become a Professional Development boon for educators that cannot get out of class for conferences, or development opportunities… it’s the tail that is now wagging the dog in this regard. There are a growing number of educators and researchers using this type of real-time communication to solve REAL problems and perform active research ( in almost every field. While many people view Twitter as another boring timeline of “when somebody goes shopping, or what movie somebody is watching”, many organizations are trying to actively harness the power of these mediums as very powerful communication conduits. In a sense it’s like a bunch of LANS that were all doing their own thing and then all of the sudden became connected via the Internet Cloud… How much could you do in your own LAN now without Internet Connectivity of pass-through capabilities…

    As much as I would love anyone to move these plugins forward it seems to me that we need to encourage the developers to stick with things and be inclusive of others to team build them…so we can provide some resilience if one person decides to move on as can be seen by the one-time great plugins at that appear now to be dead… Buddypress is the only Social Networking package that currently has the power and flexibility to allow the kinds of customization that our research organizations are just now beginning to tap into. I wish everyone that downloaded a plugin would donate just 25 cents… for the plugins that are downloaded thousands of times…it would be quite an incentive…

    Anyway, I do appreciate your efforts on this site and with your recent plugins, as I appreciate all of the developers, moderators, and helpful people on this site. Citius, Altius, Fortius BuddyPress!!!



    So who’s willing to take this on? I can’t code, but would be more than happy to beta test. I completely agree with @Pisanojm



    @peterhofman I am willing to put forward some money to see this plugin (tweetstream) be further developed (and more importantly… BETTER supported) …and I would hope some others could pool/commit some more $ resources to this as well.

    Please try to UNDERSTAND our, the end-users, frustration with building something “great” around a plugin(s) that simply becomes “unsupported” and, many times, “broken” …this leaves us with seemingly no one to go to without becoming “annoying” or “pestering”…

    The biggest issues with the current tweetstream plugin:
    1. RSS is broken when used
    2. Related to the RSS is an invalid Character on some Tweet Imports that cause the Name of the Tweeter not to show at all when placed in the activity stream.
    3. When Twitter is overloaded, the plugin can literally slow down to a crawl and/or break the BP site.

    Honestly, the tweetstream plugin IS what I’m looking for… maybe a new branch of the plugin? In addition to this, I would love to see the the exact same functionaility for both Facebook and LinkedIn… and again, I would be willing to put some $$$ toward these as well, PROVIDED the DEV makes a commitment to support and keeps, “us” the USERS, aprised of their dealings with it…

    Frankly, we are a non-profit educational organizaton… I don’t have thousands to invest in this, but I do have some monies that could be a good start for someone with great programming skills that likes to develop USEFUL and NEEDED plugins anyway…

    It is ironic that some of the very plugins being developed for better communications have little-to-no communcation avenues with the DEVS themselves for the end users (or questions aren’t frequently answered in any kind of timely manner)… and no… I don’t mean to implicate “YOU” the DEV that is working your “butt” off to support and maintain your quality plugins, core code, or themes for the greater “community”. I applaud and thank you for your continued efforts.

    BTW, I frequently donate small sums to plugin developers on this site… I’ve also supported Brajesh by joining his site at for his great work (which anyone can now use for free) with regard to the unified-search code he has developed… so I’m not just someone that “talks the talk” with regard to supporting the great coders here and never tells them how much I appreciate their work or never donates…

    I wish there were more of “me” donating to these great plugins because there would be no cause for a DEV to stop his/her development.

    Just my 2 cents. TAKERS? Contact me via the contact form at



    Sorry should of used @blackphantom for the above… please read.



    @pisanojm Actually, I strongly resonate with what you’re mentioning. Our site is almost at the point where having Facestream and Tweetstream operational again would be fantastic. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is too. I don’t have much, but I still have some money that I’d be willing to donate to a Kickstarter project perhaps? What do you think?

    Is there anyone else out there who’d be willing to chip into a Kickstarter project for Facestream and Tweetstream?

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