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Unable to create new assignment in courseware

  • bakedbean



    I have a fresh install of wordpress 3.5.1, a fresh install of buddypress 1.6.4 and a fresh install of courseware 0.97. I have installed bbpress and activated Forums for Groups in the buddypress forums configuration screen. I have enabled global courseware and chosed the option to allow any teacher to contribute. my main admin user, which i am using, has been given teacher status. I am using the default buddypress theme. When i go to the courseware tab in a group i have created, go to the create a new assignment screen, fill in all the required fields and hit the create new assignment button nothing happens. it appears as though the page refreshes yet nothing has happened. When i check in the assignments page to see if any assignments have been created it displays no assignments. There doesn’t appear to have been anything entered into the database. I have messed around with various configurations etc but nothing works. Does anyone have any general trouble shooting tips which may be relevant to this are is anyone aware of any specific issues which may be causing this problem? Thanks in advance.


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