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Unable to make role changes project or task permissions

  • Changes I make on user roles on projects or tasks does not appear to be saved. Title or description changes are saved ok.

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  • This problem still occurs on my setup, I’m trying to troubleshoot it. Not finished but AFAIK it seems related to the `$resps` variable in the project save and/or edit methods…

    OMG, I spent *hours* analyzing the code to find the bug, and you know what ? I discovered it is a pure usability issue: I did not understand that I would have to click on a “user box” in order to set him as “responsible for the task/project”, I thought it would depend on the selected role selected in the listbox.

    Moreover, I now understand that when saving a project/task, in fact you save both :
    – changes made on the project (title,description, responsibles (highlighted user boxes)…)
    – changes made on user roles, that appear to have a wider scope that the project : in fact these roles are not related to “what role this user has in this project/task”, but to “what role this user has on all projects in this group”. Is it right ?

    If so, SlaFFik, may I suggest that the way the “role change” and “task attribution” functions are displayed is contradictory with what users will most often do on this screen? IMHO, they will set user roles once, and almost never change it after, but each time they will have to
    – showing the checkbox that allow the project/task creator to attribute it to someone. This will complement the “user box click” way of selecting someone, which is cool once you know it, but -trust me- really hard to understand.
    – preferably moving the role selection function in a dedicate screen,
    – if not possible or too long for the moment, hiding the role selection by default, and put a “change global user role” link in the user box, that would show e.g. a popover window with the role selector.

    Thanks for you work,

    Yes, you are right.
    Perhaps I need to remove role changes from a list of users on task/project creation pages. Let it be on Involved page only.

    Thanks for your efforts, I appreciate it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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