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unblock all posts

  • unluckyXIII


    using the custom config file, i’m able to unblock access to pages when i entered their uris. is there a way to unblock all posts? thanks!

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  • NipponMonkey


    I don’t think there is a trivial answer to this question, as your posts could be displayed on various URIs depending on your WP permalinks setup.

    Basically, you’d have to add all of the URIs that are associated to your posts to the allowed list. You can make this easier for yourself by setting the permalinks setting to one that always starts with a common base, e.g. ‘/posts/…all-of-my-posts’, then all you would have to do is add ‘/posts/*’ to the list of allowed URIs to make all of your posts available. ‘*’ is a wildcard character you can use to mean ‘any URI after this * is allowed’.

    You’d also have to add URIs like ‘/category/*’ so your posts can be viewed by category. You’d have to go through all of the URIs associated with your posts and give global access to these URIs through the allowed URIs list.

    Sorry this isn’t so easy to achieve, but if you try to do this and get it up a running correctly, then please post your list of URIs here for the next person who’d also like to achieve this goal.

    The idea of this plugin was to make everything private, so making large parts of your site public can be a little tricky (especially when these public parts use many URIs) to get right at first, but it is possible and you only have to do it once.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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