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Unread posts or posts since last visit

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    This would be huge for me. It was at the heart of my old (and missed) workflow back when our site was running SMF.

    Enter forum -> Click unread topics -> Process all

    Nowadays when I enter the forum, I gotta spend valuable time identifying which topics are new since I last visited (or even go to page two).

    The ideal solution for me would be an actual check of whether or not I’ve read a given topic since it was last replied to, just like SMF and the likes do it. A first implementation could just leave a visual marker in the forum index page, like making the unread topics bold, applying a star, a small “new” text or icon, any such thing. An added feature would be the ability to browse all unread topics through a dedicated link, so that if there were some unread topics not included on the forum index (like the ones I didn’t read a long time a go and forgot about) I can still find them through this list.

    The “New Posts Since Last Visit” plugin could probably provide a nice base.

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  • i’m more inclined waiting for the new bbPress plugin before tackling a feature like this.

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    Gotcha, I can relate to that :) Hopefully come September 15th we’ll get to put our alpha-tester-hats on.

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    I am looking forward for some public alpha release.

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    Was something like this ever released? I guess if no one responds to this then no..

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    No one, really? This should be one of the basic things right, i can’t imagine this isn’t possible by default! Can someone lend a hand?

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    Well, by now this should probably be considered a request for bbPress 2.

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    John James Jacoby


    There are a few unread post plugins that could be adapted, but you’ll run into issues with scaling it. In the past I used a cookie/db hybrid solution to get the users last visit vs new topics and posts.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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