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Untranslated items to Czech Language – where to find them to translete it?

  • Please, se the page

    where I prepare buddypress page in Czech Language. I translated it in Poedit and nearly all is in Czech language.Bud a few item as “created the group”, “started the forum topic” stright in forums (pls see the above mentioned site) are still in English.

    Where can I find these a few words to translate it?

    Thanks for any idea.

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    Hi @ekonomat,

    the translatable strings are all in the buddypress.pot file comming with each version of buddypress.
    So what you can do immediatly is to update your actual translation (cz_CZ.po) from within poEdit. (catalog > update from pot file).
    Normally, if you use the latest pot from BP 1.5.5, you will see the strings who are not translated.

    A good idea too for translation, once you’re done, is to go to BP’s i18n Trac and update the cz_CZ files witch are 2 years old !

    Hope this help you. ;-)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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