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Upcoming features / known issues

  • francescolaffi


    I write here upcoming features and known issues to better track them and help to avoid duplicate topics.

    Features for future releases or still under consideration
    – automatic deletion after n flags
    – customization of the report link text and icon from the backend
    – favorite custom queries
    – slideshow view
    – private rss for admins of a custom query of flagged contents
    – page in groups accessible by group mods with content flagged in that group
    – custom actions on content (this would enable a more clear differentiation between trashing and permanently deleting for content types that support them and other content-specific actions)
    – pre-publish moderation
    – integration with wp-admin post comments views (highlight flagged comments)
    – don’t let flag content of some author user role (i.e don’t let flag admins contents)

    Known issues
    – when flagging/unflagging with ajax the text and icon are changed but the title attr of the link is not

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