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Update from the Author

  • MrMaz


    I have been very busy for the past few months with a new addition to our family. Now that my wife is back to work, and the kids back in day care I will have more time to spend on BP Links.

    One of my clients has been generous enough to donate 2 hours worth of my consulting time to this project to fix any serious bugs that have appeared since the release of WP 3, and the latest BP releases.

    My time is not unlimited of course, so if some of the serious users of BP Links want to put their heads together and compile a prioritized list of the most important fixes that are needed, that would be huge.

    Beyond updating the code to work 100% with newer WP/BP versions it is going to be hard to support this plugin with newer features, etc, as I have received less than $100 worth of donations for the hundreds of hours of free time that I have put into this project. It is nowhere near a total loss, since I have learned a lot, made many new friends, and some great clients. However, the reality is that I need to make money, so projects that pay are going to be a priority.

    If anyone has any ideas how this project could be better monetized, and generate some kind of revenue stream, it would benefit everybody. In other words, what do you want out of this project that you would be willing to pay for?

    I look forward to working with the BP Links fans that want to see it succeed.


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  • MrMaz


    Hello to all of you die-hard links users…

    Due to a huge increase in e-mails requesting me to update this plugin since BP 1.5 was released I have decided to pick it up again. However this time around it is going to be a premium plugin.

    The freemium model resulted in $50 total donations for hundreds of hours of work. The only way this plugin is going to be maintained long term is if I charge for download and support. I have not worked out the cost yet, but it will be affordable for everyone.

    I still plan to release it for free as well, but there will be a delay before new features and fixes find their way into the public repo. I won’t be able to give any free support, but along with the community will do my best to help with installation issues.

    I hope to get this launched by the end of the month, or sooner, but no promises ;)




    @MrMaz Good to see you back! :)

    I second Barmy Blue Man ,

    Tag cloud would be nice,

    And i too agree you cant hold someone hostage because he gave you a finger once, so i hope the

    plugin will be updated and premium,
    BTW My Avatars are not working, icant seem to get a fetched image or a profile
    avatar, MrMaz can you give me some life support over here….its crucial

    other than that its amazing,

    I would also pay for this plugin,


Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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