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Update requests for Forum Extras?

  • i’m long over due for some updates and general bug fixes…with 1.2.4 out in a few days – i’d like to get something up over the weekend.

    I noticed a few small changes in the 1.2 branch.
    I can add in the rss feeds for a group forum topic without modifying the theme.
    Preview hover was escaping the topic_text.
    New widgets for the forum index and recent topics
    Linking the freshness to the last post will be a little simpler – just a code piece into your bp-custom.php file

    function bp_forum_extras_get_the_topic_time_since_last_post( $topic_time ) {
    return ‘‘. $topic_time .’‘;

    I’ll be holding off on the nongroup forums stuff – as someone has taken up that slack and my full attention now is coding up Activity Stream Discussions plugin.

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  • Erlend


    I would just like to see an easier way of displaying the groups-as-boards you want to display the ‘forum’ section. On my test site only 1 out of 3 groups was shown. All groups were created before the extras was installed, but the one group that didn’t have a forum was the one that displayed once I activated a forum for it.

    did you have “Display only Public Forums” checked?

    the list is a bit dynamic – so if a user is logged in and a member of a group (lets say private or hidden) then it will appear – if they are not, then those group forums won’t show up.

    though i just tagged up 0.2.3 with some other stuff. I can revisit this. Maybe another option to show all regardless of the group->status setting.



    pliss can use picture

    David Wood


    Hey @nuprn1 – Rich – I’ve installed this, because I want replies in activity stream to show up in forum posts

    but it’s not happening – the replies are not showing up.

    the topic preview DOES work




    rich! @ etiviti


    you’ll need to modify the theme to pull in the activity stream replies (show a button to click on to expand the comments). everything is in the readme.txt file or the forums extras admin page.



    Very useful plugin. Thanks for it. How to make the activity replies visible as a default?

    UPDATE: Problem solved – just had to remove display:none.
    UPDATE 2: But then I need to click twice to hide it because buddypress thinks it is closed as default… How to solve it? :)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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