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uploading any media

  • hey everyone – I have question regarding to “bp media plugin”
    I’m having difficulties with uploading any data – older wersion returns “link appears to be broken” during upload
    and newest
    “The file could not be recognized as a supported media.”
    any ideas on how to bypass this problem??

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  • sorry for not providing details : wordpress 3.2.1
    media plugins tried: -> The file could not be recognized as a supported media. -> link appears to be broken -> link appears to be broken

    I am unable to get any of the plugins working that add the ability to upload video & photos. Like this one: – unable to connect to media host server.



    there is a new nightly build coming “soon”, hopefully during autumn the latest, but it really seems it’s constantly one month away. :(
    right now there is no working solution for multimedia albums support for buddypress, only images with Album+. Other plugins are too low quality to consider imo.



    @FrancesP you should be aware that video upload is not a simple feature. Videos need to be transcoded before playback, and that is a very hardware intensive task. Either you get a second server (not shared hosting, whole virtual or dedicated machine) just for that purpose, or use a service like Kaltura.

    Bp-Media will never give you video upload functions out-of-the box, the most they could do is provide an amazon ec2 instance for you to run, but even in that case, you’d have to pay for it to amazon. Either way, bp-media is very far from this feature, don’t expect it before next year.

    Video embed from vimeo/youtube is a different story.



    W’ill be posting a new nightly build of BuddyPress Media in the next couple of days, so keep an eye on our download page -> :)

    hey thanx for reply:) i’m just checking yesterday’s nightly build – let you know how it’s going




    Awesome. Also, be sure to check-out the nightly build we’re posting later today. We’ve got the module activation code working and admin back-end notifications working.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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