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User Follow Blog Categories and Tags

  • Kevinc4m



    I’m looking for a way that users can follow individual categories from my blog.

    For Example:

    My blog has 60 different categories.

    This 60 categories are listet on a overwiev Page or anything else.

    User can coose his favourite categories (like categorie A, B, C and D).

    The user gets in his activity feed all blog posts from this categories he follows.

    How can i realize this?

    Thanks for help.

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  • Boone Gorges


    Hi @kevinc4m – The BuddyPress Followers plugin allows users on a multisite installation to follow specific sites:

    It sounds like this is not quite what you’re looking for – you want the ability to follow tags/categories, and it doesn’t sound like multisite is part of the equation – but this plugin may serve as a sort of inspiration for how the tag/category feature might work, at least in the UI. I also think that the plugin could probably be a basis for building the feature you’re looking for, as it does much of the work: storing user follow status, integrating items into user activity streams, and so on.

    Unfortunately, I’m not aware of an existing tool that will do this without some customization.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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