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User profile friends listing map issue

  • A small? bug slipped through identified by @bjkitchin over at:

    There are issues with one screen in a users account – if one is displaying a profile map for user and viewing the profile page sub screen listing their friends all maps receive the main users location.

    This, I now realise, was actually an induced error brought about while trying to correct another.

    I have a fix for this issue but there are updates in the pipeline preventing me uploading a new version right at this minute until they are all completed and tested.

    For now users experiencing this issue will need to add the fix manually thus:

    Locate line 120 ( or thereabouts) in upm.php

    `if( bp_is_members_component() ) {`

    And replace it with:

    `if( bp_is_members_component() || bp_is_user_friends() ) {`

    You should now have something like this:
    // Set our member id’s.
    if( bp_is_members_component() || bp_is_user_friends() ) {
    $mem_id = $members_template->member->id;`
    This should now correctly show each members location.

    There is a further issue in the size of maps on this one screen ‘friends’ becomes dictated by the members loop map dimensions so if you set a larger map for the users account on this screen it will be the same size as the members below, at present I can’t see a fix for this.

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  • bjkitchin



    What stewardship! Thank you for this. I will impliment the fix asap and let you know my results. The site I am working on is under development so I cant shoot you a URl just yet.

    Again, thank you.


    should sort things out, not much I can do about the sizing although I have a vague idea developing on what I may need to do there. This was actually the original issue I encountered when I realised with horror that the friends list was actually the members loop filtered I hadn’t accounted for having to run separate sizes within same function on the same page view.



    maps all gone… where is map? either the profile map or friends map… where are they? ….

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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