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User’s Achievements tab loses the page heading

  • Hey Paul, just installed Achievements and I’m having a ball thinking about how this may play out on a site I’m building. I’m noticing a couple issues though and hopefully you may have an answer or two for me.

    First, when I view a user’s profile, and then their Achievements tab, the entire header that includes the user’s avatar, name, last status update, etc, just disappears. For example, if you view my profile home here:

    and then you visit my achievements tab:

    you’ll see what happens. Looking in the published HTML, the entire item-header div is empty :-/

    The second issue I’m seeing is that, when you visit a page for a specific achievement, there’s no content for the “Home” tab or the “Unlocked by” tab. Not sure what would go on the home tab, but I’d expect a list of users on the unlocked by tab.

    Any thoughts on those two would be great. And yeah, I’ll prepare a list of feature ideas for you too. The first one that came to mind was a new event “post in category” where a post is the event, but it has a sub-requirement of a specific category. I want to give authors special designations for unique topics… i.e. Master Environmentalist or Tree Hugger for posting to the Environment category. Too fun :D

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  • How very odd! What theme are you running?



    For the first issue, Usually when this happens (in custom themes) its because the achievements/single/home.php template is not the same as your other page customizations. Check either that file or the /members/single/plugins.php . Make sure those are all modified the same as your main /members/singles/home.php or else you’ll get stuff like this happen.

    Hum… well I haven’t altered any of the BP templates BUT, I’m using Genesis with Genesis Connect, the BuddyPress integration plug-in for the Genesis theme framework, and that plug-in does have a custom set of BP page templates that merge BP with Genesis (mostly the hooks). The header, now that I look at it, for /members/single/home.php looks like this:



    So obviously it’s calling a custom function there an probably not what Achievements is expecting. I don’t expect miracles here but any thoughts or clever solutions would be fantastic. I can pass on the information to Ron and Andrea too. I know they’re always very diligent to look at these kinds of things.

    That’s the secret sauce!
    Copy /plugins/achievements/includes/templates/members/single/achievements.php into your theme — for example, to /themes/my_theme/members/single/achievements.php.

    Edit that file, and try changing this line:


    Ah, that’s sweeeeeeet sauce! Worked like a charm :D I’ve been away from BP for about a year and forgot about custom templates within your theme. Thanks for the reminder and the instructions. Much appreciated. Now on to the fun.

    Oh, I forgot to ask if you had some thoughts on the other issue… the home tab and the unlocked by tab are both blank for any given achievement (on the specific achievement’s page) for example:

    Interestingly… I have the recently active avatar widget in my sidebar and if you hit the “unlocked by” tab, that widget updates to show the people who have unlocked the achievement, but still nothing shows on the page itself.

    Is this another template issue where I may need to move the plug-in templates into my theme folder?

    LOL… okay, it is… sorry, I’m learning quickly. I moved the entire /achievements/single/… collection of files into my child theme and updated (for example) the unlockedby.php file to point to the Genesis Connect version of member-loop.php.

    So clearly this could be an issue with updates to Achievements right? Every time there’s an update, I’m going to have to make sure I get fresh copies of the custom templates back into my theme?

    Hum… backtracking on the “home” tab. I got the Unlocked By tab working, but I don’t understand why the Home tab won’t. It’s this part that’s not loading anything:



    It does generate `

    ` but it’s empty.

    Okay, I went over to to see what’s *supposed* to be on the home tab and found it’s activity.php, not home.php so I just updated that file to point to the Genesis Connect version of the activity-loop.php and blamo, done. I think that does it for me, for now :)

    Thanks again for the lead there.

    No worries, glad you got it solved. Going forwards you only need to worry if I modify the template files that you’ve used. I’ll be sure to note in the patch changelog if I do that, so read the readme.txt before you upgrade :)

    Next version has support for this built-in so it won’t break for people

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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