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Using the Sitewide Gallery in BP-ALbum+

  • foxly



    “…jsmbythebay mentioned you in an update:

    I am an admitted noob. I thought I had found the answer to all my dreams with the BP Album+ plugin. I really like the way it works a lot like facebook in the activity stream and such.

    But I can’t get a sitewide gallery to work no matter what I do. I have made sure that the slug is correct for the “Name of BP Album+ slug” designation in the admin page; and that does not work. I tried to do some fancy code pasting into the page from some support documentation, but my coding skills apparently were not up to the task.

    Is there any more documentation or tutorials or anything to help me? I am simply attempting to display a gallery of all photos on my Buddypress site on a page (at minimum).

    Let me know if you can help and sorry if this is inappropriate….”

    The site isn’t working properly right now, so I can’t respond to your post in my activity stream.

    Please contact me using this post.


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  • jsmbythebay


    Hey F,

    So, does this work for a response? I wasn’t sure what you meant…..

    As mentioned before, I thought that I could put a gallery in simply by using the “name of BP Album+ slug” function. But nothing happens.

    I then tried messing around with putting code in a template based on this page:

    But my lack of understanding of how to code with WordPress is apparent as it did not work….

    Is there any more documentation/tutorials or anything I can use to help me put a sitewide gallery into a page? Would certainly appreciate it as I need this functionality and I like the plugin.

    Thanks in advance








    that did work. thanks!

    i have a question about captions. currently i have the “force to use captions” option disabled as i would like for users to be able to choose to use them or not.

    however, there now appears to be no ability to include a caption. is there a way to make captions optional?

    also, is there a way to include captions, or date stamps, or userID in the sitewide gallery?



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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