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Very Easy Solution to Event Not Defined when Clicking to Add Tags

  • I recently had an issue where clicking to add a tag returned an “event not defined” error in Firefox and would add the tags to the the “Group Tags” field.

    To fix this, I edited group-tags.js which can be found in plugins/buddypress-group-tags/group-tags.js.

    All I had to do wa the word “event” (without quotes) as the function parameter to line 25 of group-tags.js:

    like this:
    `j(‘.gtags-add’).click(function (event){`

    Pretty easy! This defines the event for the browser and works on Firefox, Chrome, and IE.

    I hope this helps anyone who has been experiencing the same problem.

    Can this be included in an update so that it doesn’t break next time the plug in is updated?

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  • psivait


    Thanks for the wonderful solution. I too had the same error!
    Well, could you pls help me to fix one more issue?
    I have group tags widget enabled on my home page. When I clicked any tag in it, it takes back to my home page (in other words, it is redirecting to my home page) instead of displaying the groups! Pls do correct this issue as well.
    Thanks in advance.



    Hey, I added ‘events’ parameter to other functions like you did. It’s fine now. I hope this solution will be useful for other members as well. I request this plugin developer to incorporate this bug in next release. Thanks for the contribution guys.



    Heh. I just came here to suggest that code fix. Beat me to it!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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