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VPS server, apache memory usage through the roof

  • good morning, ilve posted this in the wordpress forums as well, but Ill explain here too. I have a customer who has just uploaded a buddypress site to my server. 1 processor, 1gb ram, 100gb hdd. until this site was uploaded, my apache memory usage was 2% (20mb), as soon as the buddypress site went live it shoots to 75-80% and stays there until I leave the site for 5 minutes. This site is currently not advertised or used by anyone else but me. So there is no real traffic or usage. Id like to know if this kind of resouce usage is standard for such a site, or if its likely to be a problem somewhere. I personally have had nothing to do with WP or BP so im a little out of my comfort zone. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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  • very little information to give a meaningful response on. if this is your server then the way to proceed is to start reading your server logs to try and identify what processes are consuming memory.

    A WP or BP site should not strain a server in this manner ordinarily but then what plugins are running is an unknown factor and may impact things, again the way to troubleshoot is to disable any plugins not required for basic operation of the BP / WP and monitor the server again adding back plugins until a culprit is discovered.

    Hi hnla,

    Apologies for lack of info :) too busy being annoyed by the strain…. Im fairly new to wp/bp, and with it being someone elses site, i wasnt too keen to start disabling plugins… however, from what i have been told, there are 24 plugins running. webspace wise, there is only 130mb in use (not an issue), memory usage is well within the standard 128mb limits. im also fairly new to the Centos linus server I have (which is why ive also posted in their forums for checking the ‘web service usage’ that the apache memory is stating in use). ill try knocking off the plugins and get back to oyu. Glad tohear that the type of usage seems unusual

    You’re having memory errors? Give me your list of plugins at and post back here

    Some plugins are known to cause memory errors. ( *cough *cough jetpack ) :)

    roger roger, just need to get the little menace to bed :)

    Do you have jetpack installed?

    Im gonna get a list for you now… its not my site, just my server :). any idea on minimum server specs for running WP/BP?

    widget Logic
    testimonials Manager
    sidebar login
    secure invites
    nextgen gallery
    my page order
    lightbox 2
    jquery vertical accordian menu
    iMaters WP FAQ
    Hana flv player
    executable php widget
    dynamic headers by nicasio design
    buddypress template pack
    buddypress privacy component
    buddypress my training diary
    add to any
    wordpress hook sniffer
    WP forum Server
    wp system health —- i added it to check stuff

    what is jetpack? as i say, WP/BP noob <

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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