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Wang Guard Users Error

  • I’m getting an error when viewing the display screen users in network administration (WPMS BuddyPress 3.1 and 1.2.8). In the field where it shows the status of Wang Guard the following message appears:

    Warning: array_keys () [function.array-keys]: The first argument Should Be an array in / home / _______ / public_html / wp-content / plugins / buddypress / bp-forums.php on line 535

    I’ve deactivated the plugins in the network, but the error still persists. Has anyone seen this error?

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  • Jose Conti



    I use WGG on 10 sites and I don’t have this error (wp3.1 + BP1.2.8)

    Your error is related to $bb_cap (bbpress user permissions)

    Reinstall bbPress and may be it fix the error.

    Do you use any plugin for user permissions?

    No, I don’t use any plugin for user permissions. I looked the bp-forum.php and the line is this:

    $bb_cap = array_keys($bb_cap);
    $bb_cap = $wp_roles->get_role( $bb_cap[0] );
    $bb_cap = $bb_cap->capabilities;

    I can not imagine what is wrong. The problem only disappears when I disable buddypress. ‘ve deactivated all plugins, but the error continues.

    Jose Conti


    Make a test,

    Activate BuddyPress and deactivate the forums component.

    Perhaps the error disappear.

    If the error dissaper, you will have time for look for the problem.

    I made the test and when a deactivate the forums component, the problem disappear.

    I reinstalled the bbforum, deleted the buddypress, cleaned the tables, but nothing made the error finally disappear. The most strange is that I created a test installation in other site and everything it´s working.


    I have not found the solution, but I think I’m on track. The problem apparently is in the table usermeta, I believe that any plugin that I used previously should have added a field that is generating this error.

    Jose Conti



    If you found the problem, please update me

    Thank you

    I didn’t find the problem, but I made a solution.

    I “cleaned” the usemeta table. I create another database and imported all field relevants.

    Until now everything it´s working.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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