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Way users can subscribe to entire forum and to blog?

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    Hi all,
    I have a Buddypress/WP site for a decidedly untechnical crowd, and I need a simple way people can choose to get notified about all new forum topics and all new blogs (it is not a high traffic site). This is not an RSS using group.

    The site has a single forum through bbpress and I am not sure, but I think the Buddypress management of the forum is not in place (I have no mysql tables specific to bbpress).

    I have a mailing list for newsletter purposes but what I am looking for is more of new content notification.

    Are there any suggestions to do one or both of these functions?

    Thank you!

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    hi @tvanes,

    if you use 1.6.4 and bbpress 2.2.4 as plugin as standalone forum , there are no more bbpress tables as in previous BP versions. And the interacting between BP and bbP is poor.
    If you use BP 1.7 beta and bbpress plugin 2.3 beta, there are no tables too. But the interacting between BP and bbPress is much much better.

    But unfortunatetly, you have to wait a little for both stable version to get somehow what you want…

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