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Weird behaviour of post update feature ?

  • ayushpratap


    Ok, I logged in from a subscriber’s profile, went on to post an update, typed “Hola! if you hear me..” and clicked post update, and then my “update”, instead of smoothly sliding in, is replaced by my whole profile page. Yes! I mean I have a page within a page situation, as I clicked on post update button my profile page (complete with header, footer, flip-flops and all) shows up instead of the latest post, followed by previous updates as usual. It seems the newer update’s div is replaced or refilled by “profile” page.

    And the surprise doesn’t stop here, when logged in with my admin profile, everything is as smooth as a fine lady’s nape. Logged in with admin profile, posted an update and it followed like a good pupil.( I am using BP-DEFAULT Child with all the latest versions of WP & BP, Plugins set – BP, Lockdown admin, profile builder and lots of custom code in header,sidebar,page,single,menu,functions).

    Checked out my Activity and members/activity files thoroughly, I cant understand what’s causing this, and yes, it goes away if I refresh the page, or revisit it. It indicates (at least to my naive coder brain) that this is some run-time issue, I dont know, the code runs and then injects some vodka in the juice and makes the button do weird things. Gentlemen first class, be lively, beauties with brains be a dear and help me here.

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