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Welcome Pack 2.2.1 seems to have serialization problems

  • Hi, first of all, great plugin!

    I believe I found a bug in the 2.2.1 version of the plugin (as this used to work on 2.1).
    It seems obscure at first, but bear with me, as this is an actual usage scenario.

    To reproduce it:
    1. Remove the filter wptexturize on dpw_admin_settings_email. (comment welcome-pack-filters.php or use remove_filter)

    2. In any of the customized emails, use the ” (double quotes) character.

    Expected Result:
    Email goes out with the ” character.

    Actual Result:
    Email goes out with ” instead.

    Seems like a serialization problem (?). Just so you understand the scenario, I’m using Welcome Pack in conjunction with the WP Better email plugin, so that all my WordPress emails are HTML. That’s why I use quotes and double quotes in the email body… This serialization problem, of course, broke all my email links in Welcome Pack.

    I’m on WP 3.1 (single-site).

    Any idea on what could be causing this?

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  • Ironically, it seems filtered some important chars in my comment… (maybe I should have use the backticks…)

    In the expected/actual results, I meant [double quote] (expected result) and [backslash]+[double quote] (actual).

    Currently, the code behind Welcome Pack is about a year old. I want to go back in a time machine and slap myself for writing it like this.

    Until that happens, if you’re removing wptexturise filter and it breaks, I’m sorry but I don’t have an immediate fix. I’m working on a new, cleaner version of Welcome Pack which is going to be targeted at the future BuddyPress 1.3 release, which should clear up this sort of thing.

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the response! Actually, the removal of `wptexturize` is mentioned just so you have clear repro steps (without the need of installing other plugins).

    What concerns me regarding this bug is that the functionality worked on 2.1, so the bug was introduced on 2.2 and 2.2.1.

    I already created a local patch (I’m basically using the old welcome-pack-admin.php, from 2.1), but I figured you might want to take a look.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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