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Welcome Pack 3.2 released

  • Available now at Fixes:

    * Missing admin menu in multisite
    * Some links not being correctly replaced into certain emails
    * Incorrect default text for the “you’ve been promoted” email.

    I’m still tracking a known issue with internationalisation and hope to have that addressed in the next version.

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  • ewebber


    Yay thanks @djpaul – the notification links in emails are working now…. but there is another one of my users has spotted, when you are mentioned in a forum thread the link to that thread is missing e.g.:

    admin mentioned you in an update:
    “My first group”
    To view and respond to the message, log in and visit: hello @ewebber

    Some are, indirectly, bugs in BuddyPress core and I don’t want to fix them (or workaround) in Welcome Pack. It’ll break translations. If I remember to patch core, I’ll get them working for BP 1.6.

    I’ve checked this one specifically. It should work (it did for me). In the email editor for this email, take a look and see if it contains a lot of “%s” strings, or if they look like “%1$s”.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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