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Welcome pack and fb-autoconnect

  • Can anyone tell me if new members registering via Facebook receive welcome messages?

    It appears that coming from FB they bypass some of the required aspects of registration (completing profile fields etc.)…and if they don’t get an automatic welcome message, I’ll need to start chasing this up with a personal message.

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  • Hi
    I’ve not tested it recently on any of the facebook connect plugins, but I know the very early version of the facebook login plugins (might have been fb-autoconnect, can’t remember) were, frankly, not very well coded and didn’t call all of the usual hooks that a plugin dealing with user registration should. This was breaking Welcome Pack as it hooks into the WordPress user registration properly.



    I looked at the facebook connect plugin and it wasn’t making the right calls to create the users. At least from the BP standpoint. I’m not sure the specifics of Welcome Pack, but no doubt Paul Gibbs hooked into the right ones since he’s a core developer of BP.

    I’m not a core developer, but I do try my hardest to annoy the three that are. Thank you regardless :)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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