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Welcome Pack Not working after latest update

  • zkwc


    Hi –

    I hope this is the appropriate forum to let you know about a bug. It’s happening with a lot of plug-ins after this latest 3.1 WordPress update. Seems that WordPress killed a lot of the plug-ins. Welcome Pack was one of them. It no longer shows up in the drop down box for Buddypress and we can’t get to settings, and I don’t know if it’s actually sending an email to new users. But I’m going to assume that it isn’t.

    Just wanted to let you know because some of the plug-in developers were unaware that their plug-ins broke. @DJPaul

    Love Welcome Pack and really can’t live without it on my site. Hope everything works out.

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  • Thanks.
    Welcome Pack hasn’t been update in a *long* time, which I’m aware of. If I have time I will get out an interim release, otherwise it will have to wait* for a larger update for BuddyPress 1.3 (a little while away yet).

    *Unless someone donates money.



    @DJPaul – how much money do you need?



    @zkwc I have the same problem as you did with the Welcome Pack. I believe it still works, but the administrative control panels disappeared. For me (I am running a WP 3.1 Multisite Install), I changed line 31 in welcome-pack-core.php to :
    `add_action( ‘network_admin_menu’, ‘dpw_add_admin_menu’ );`
    (adding “network_” to the first admin_menu item)

    Hope this helps. (I am not a plugin developer and I appreciate all the work plugin developers like @DJPaul have done. Thanks @DJPaul.

    Thanks for the heads-up, @crazycoolcam :)



    @crazycoolcam – brilliant! just saw this. thanks so much for lending your find! i will try in the morning and hopefully get it to work. yay!



    After changing admin_menu to network_admin_menu, admin panel appeared.
    However, saving options failed.

    I found that options.php in <form action=”options.php”> should be changed to somthing else.

    Does anybody know what to change?

    I am having the same problem changing admin_menu to network_admin_menu does get the menu to appear, but you can’t save any changes. options.php is not in the same place anymore.

    The Settings API on the 3.1 network menus for multisite doesn’t work properly (WordPress bug)



    Paul, this looks like an old topic, but I though I would bring up the fact that settings revert back to some kind of default when i try to change the in Welcome Pack. In other words, if I go to settings and try to switch anything to off and hit save, it returns everything to on ( Why? Also, if I go to Welcome Message, I can’t make any changes to that. It simply turns it all to 1:

    I’m running bp 1.5.1. Thanks!

    Someone else’s reported the same (I wasn’t able to recreate when I looked). I hope to get some time soon to go through and figure out what’s breaking :)

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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