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Welcome Pack redirect overridden by Login Redirect…

  • movefearlessly


    LOVE this plugin!! just noticed that if i have the plugin Login Redirect activated, THAT plugin overrides my setting for the Welcome Pack start page. I’ve deactivated Login Redirect for the time being, but ultimately I’m looking for a solution that’ll redirect a first-time login to my start page, and everyone else to the activity page…

    site is running WP 3.2.1 and BP 1.5, with a customized theme based on BP Default.

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  • Thanks! Which Login Redirect plugin are you using? I found a ton on :)



    sorry – had a killer sinus infection last week or I’d have answered your question sooner!

    I’d actually started with the one developed by Brajesh Singh (man, i hope i spelled that right!) – had trouble with it, so i also tried the free plugin by Andrew Billitts at WPMUDEV. of course, stupid me didn’t read the fine print – that one isn’t a Buddypress plugin *facepalm*

    long story short, i tinkered around with those, and realized that the BP Disable Activation plugin didn’t like what i was doing. for some reason about half the new registrants have issues when email activation is required, so i stripped out what i really needed from the three plugins and added it to my functions.php file. i deactivated the start page from the Welcome Pack in the admin panel, customized my registration page a wee bit, and all is moving along swimmingly…

    good thing that was long story short, i guess… :D

    you guys do a great job with these things. thanks a lot!

    Nice job!



    @movefearlessly: i have the same issue now. hotmail users do not get activation email nomore. gmail users do. something is broken i think. can you explain how to fix this. even with deleted plugs it wont work no more. how to fix the original activation method of wordpress.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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