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Welcome to the new

  • JJJ


    Since 2008, has gone through several different transformations. What started as a simple support forum for the software evolved into us experimenting with BuddyPress to fit some of its functionality into our existing community.

    Well… y’all spoke, and we listened.

    The vast majority of the feedback we’ve received was that the site had become too complicated, too slow, and too difficult to navigate and use. Frankly, we agree, so we’ve been iterating on bbPress and BuddyPress to forge them both into easier to use, easier to understand pieces of software.

    Last night we converted the +145k posts into using bbPress 2. We’re also currently running the development versions of bbPress and BuddyPress, to help kick the tires and make sure the next major versions are as solid and stable as we can make them be.

    Taking inspiration from the recently updated, we’ve stripped back down to the foundation of being a dedicated support forum for the project proper. Also… forum search is back, and our moderation team finally has the tools it’s been waiting for to manage community content.

    About 2 years ago, we introduced the idea of Plugin Groups. They were a fun experiment, but ended up fragmenting the support experience away from Because of this, and because so much work is going into the forums, we’ve decided to sunset our implementation here.

    If you’re a plugin author, your old group forum and its content is still available. None of the data has been deleted or lost, we’ve just turned the group functionality off, and hope that you’ll lean towards using the official support forums for your plugins going forward.

    There are a few todo’s:

    Polish up user profiles.
    Figure out what to do with activity streams.
    Update the codex.
    Update the i18n sites.
    Update pages with missing content.

    The todo’s are easy to knock-out, I just ran out of time to get them finished by the morning. Thanks everyone for your patience, and I hope the new setup is easier to use for everyone.

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  • OC2PS


    Is there a way you can put a direct download link on the plugins page so you do not have to click into its details in order to download the plugin, like a download it now kinda link?

    @peterjhead I would oppose the idea. The objective to drive the plugin traffic off to WordPress. Making downloading plugins easier directly on would defeat that objective.



    You have a right to your opinion but it doesn’t mean its valid. The plugins are downloaded from the wordpress repository regardless of whether you click the link here or on They are all hosted in the same location. All I am requesting is a direct download link on the first page here to save a little time so people don’t have to navigate into the plugins page, and it would also require less from the server by not having to fetch pages that could have been avoided if there was a download it now link beside the description excerpt.

    Richie KS


    Definately love the new design touchup:) hopefully codex will be update soon.



    I really like the clean new look.
    And the theme! I liked it over at and it looks great here.

    Great work @johnjamesjacoby!


    @dainismichel looks good 🙂

    is there a search that searches all of the forums?


    Ben Hansen


    thanks for all your hard work @jjj!



    @dainismichel – Working on building that into bbPress core for 2.3, so everyone will inherit it when it’s ready. Until then, single forum/topic search is available here.

    Rocio Valdivia


    Great job!!!!! Congrats 😀



    The Documentation link in the top menu results in a 500 error. I’m new to BuddyPress and don’t know where to mention this. I chose this location because it is under “Support”.



    @davidgraybeard link to Docs pages is working for me in different browsers. Curious what browser you’re using and whether you’re on Windows PC or Mac.



    Try visiting the codex now; report back if the issue still persists. (Should be fixed.)



    I like the new over feel of the site. Great Job guys!

Viewing 12 replies - 26 through 37 (of 37 total)
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