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We’ve Hit a Cognitive Roadblock

  • Jeff Sayre


    This group was formed with the goal of “debating the practicalities of implementing Semantic Web and Open Stack protocols in WordPress and BuddyPress.” But, as Paul states in this post, this issue is complex. I believe that we’ve hit a cognitive roadblock. Without some information-overload intervention, I believe that this group will not be effective.

    So, I propose that we table all the bigger-picture issues for now and choose a single, highly-focused topic to concentrate our efforts. Perhaps by breaking this up into small, manageable pieces, we will have more success. So, please present your single idea for the topic on which we should focus.

    My idea is that we focus on outputting FOAF data.

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  • Arx Poetica


    I so agree with this aim. I’m fine with FOAF. Let me know where I might lend a hand. If we want to model a dev enviro elsewhere to test things out, or a branch or something like that, I’m game.

    And sorry I’ve never gotten back on this. My time has been *gulp* crunched!

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