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What am I supposed to see

  • Stacy (non coder)


    Are there screen shots or links to sample sites using this anywhere? The only thing showing when I install Album+ is the option to add upload pics ( which don’t show ) and set their privacy. I don’t see anything for videos,or anything thing else this is to do, ect. Are video allowed to be uploaded or only embed? I also tried installing the latest beta Buddypress Media plugin and nothing happened. i have the very latest version of bp and wp.

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  • foxly



    lol… no, we’re too busy *writing* the software to spend time making screen shots and “advertising stuff” to convince people to use it. :)

    Version 0.1.8 doesn’t do video. Version 0.1.9 does, but you can’t use it on a production site yet. For a look at what the latest version can do (its awesome!) see our Google Code downloads page:


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