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What are your point values?

  • Tosh


    Here are my point values on my site.

    5 Points for a Comment
    5 Points for a reply in the Forum (Simple:Press Forum)
    15 Points for visiting the site every day!
    25 Points for a New Topic Creation in the Forum (Simple:Press Forum)
    40 Points for a Blog Post
    100 Points for New Members that join the site
    200 Points if I use your Poll Idea (Manually Added)
    100 Creating a Group in the Community
    5 Posting a update or reply in the Community

    Co-Writers can earn points on the Weekly Recap:

    200 Contributor of the Week (Manually Added)
    100 QuickNews Contributor of the Week (Manually Added)
    100 Most Liked (Manually Added)
    100 Most Comments (Manually Added)

    Friend Request 15 Points
    Friend Request Accepted 15 Points

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