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What do I do if the confirmation email doesn’t send?

  • tom_taylor_85


    I got a complaint from a user saying that he did not receive a confirmation email to activate his account. Is there a way to force activate it? Or a way to resend him the link?

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  • Virtuali


    This is not a problem with buddypress.

    But it seems to be a big problem with users, wordpress needs to fix it



    There is no problem. The emails do get sent, they’ll just end up in the spam folder, which is nothing WP can do anything about. Seems to happen most with gmail accounts. I think etiviti wrote a plugin that lets you resend notification emails. Somewhere here on the forums I’ve also posted a function that lists all unactivated acounts, including their email addresses and activation keys. You’ll just have to search for either one…



    Why do they take such a long time????

    The emails are delayed 10-15 minutes which makes member population un-activated.



    I’m using xampp on my local computer as a test server, and the confirmation emails are not getting sent, period.

    I’ve checked the spam folders, etc.

    Any ideas?

    Yes, configure sendmail.

    As for email issues which crop up regularly, as travel-junkie says, these are almost never a WP problem but a server one. It’s important to understand where various actions and events are run from. A server needs to be able to forward emails off the box to do that it either needs a email server configured or a fake mail program such as sendmail, the other major issue is that certain receiving email servers can follow policy guidelines such as attempting reverse dns lookups or checking for SPF records to verify that the email headers are genuine otherwise they will either reject the mail out of hand or junk mail it, rejecting out of hand can be an issue if there isn’t a method for you to access mailer daemon messages to clue you in to why the mail wasn’t delivered.

    Essentially what happens a fair deal is that peoples servers or DNS records are simply not configured correctly, this is made more difficult by services such as hotmail which appears to follow a draconian? verification process. Personally never had issue with Gmail and which I use in it’s business domain guise for domain email quite often.



    OK, so like everyone else through forum after forum I also had the problem of new users not getting a confirmation email. My problem was Bluehost. WordPress apparently sends those emails from an email address called “”. Bluehost has a problem with this as might other hosts. The solution is a plug-in install it and allow it to make your email “”. It worked and was easy.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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