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What is Geo-Tagging and a Location Based Service…?

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    As seen in Wikipedia – – Geo-Tagging is:

    The process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as photographs, video, websites, or RSS feeds and is a form of geospatial metadata. These data usually consist of latitude and longitude coordinates, though they can also include altitude, bearing, distance, accuracy data, and place names.

    Again, as classified by Wikipedia – – a LBS (Location Based Service) is:
    An information and (or) entertainment service, accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and utilizing the ability to make use of the geographical position of the mobile device.

    If anyone has any general questions regarding these topics, here would be a good place to add them.

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    Maybe geo-mashup plugin could be be amended for BP



    Geotagging is the process of embedding geographic data into photos. Typically, this data is longitude, latitude, compass heading and altitiude. It later allows the photos to be plotted on a map.

    This brings a whole new dimension to vacation photos, travel photography and other areas where knowing the exact location the photo was taken adds useful information.



    Anything out there for BP that allows for check-ins?



    Wordpress gpress plugin : gPress adds new geo-relevant layers to WordPress, allowing you to create your own location-based services or to keep track of your own personal geo-tagged journies. Geo-Tag posts using native WordPress Mobile Applications, or create new places, add a featured image and description and then share them with friends and family using native WordPress controls that utilizes custom post types and newly included widgets.
    gPress will ultimately consist of several CORE modules and also be Buddypress compatible
    Highest Priority – planned for gPress v0.2+
    Place / Post Arrays (Multiple Places within one Map)
    Social-Media Integration (GET and PUSH Functionality)



    thanks, ya, i’ve seen that, but it doesn’t seem to actually allow my BP users to check-in from anywhere.

    are there any custom BP coders that would be interested in taking on a project?



    gPress 0.2 is now live and supports Foursquare.

    However, at this stage, it only GETS Foursquare info – later versions will include POST-ing to Foursquare too…



    I know some GPS devices that embed geo info to photo when shooting. Like GP-1, easytagger, Garmin Geko. And I had tested them here is the report.

    The Basics
    Like all the rest, you turn it on while you’re outside and it picks up the GPS satellite signals and then adds the Longitude and Latitude to your shots so that you’ll know where you were when you took them.

    What I like about the Easytag…
    This unit has almost identical specs to the Solmeta N2 that I reviewed here yesterday. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that last for up to 10 hours. It comes with a remote trigger. It can be mounted on the hotshoe or on a strap and it has a built-in compass to record heading info.
    What’s different? The one thing that’s different about the Easytag from the other ones I’ve seen is that the Easytag comes with a MicroSD slot for the included 2GB memory card which stores up to 3 years of routes/paths travelled, not just the location where the photo was taken. So this means that you have a backup of your GPS data. It also means that it can be used with point and shoot cameras as well as other non Nikon DSLR cameras. You just won’t have the GPS data automatically inserted into your images as you take them. You’ll have to merge the data with your images later in the supplied software. Also this is a minor thing, but it could come in handy and that’s the design allows it to sit in your hotshoe, but not block your popup flash. I only use the pop up flash as a commander for my Nikon Speedlights, but it’s nice to know that I can do both at the same time.

    What I think could be better
    The first thing I noticed about the the Easytag is that it seems larger than all the rest. Not significantly larger, just larger. Not a major issue, just an observation when space is at a premium when you travel. The first thing I noticed when I actually went to use it is that the LED indicator on top is almost impossible to see in the direct sunlight. For the first few moments I couldn’t even tell if it was on our not. It either needs to be brighter or bigger in diameter since you’ll be using it outside most of the time.
    Stuck at 270° – Although the Easytag has a built-in compass, mine seems to be stuck at 270°. No matter which way I face it always reads 270°. I turned it off and on and come in and gone back out and it won’t budge. So either there is something wrong with mine, or the compass is not very accurate
    UPDATE! The compass WORKS! and is accurate. I just had to press the small calibration button on the unit. Thanks Bryan for letting me know.

    The Bottom Line
    While the Easytag worked , there really isn’t anything about this one other than the 2GB MicroSD card/slot that makes me want it over the ones I’ve already reviewed. So if you value the MicroSD slot/card then it’s easy to justify the $9 higher price over the Solmeta. However, if you want ONE unit that works both with your Nikon DSLR OR any other camera by capturing the data and then allowing you to add it to your images on your computer, this is your GPS!
    The Easytag goes for $169 and you can order it here. They’ve also put together their own comparison chart showing their advantages over the competition (not including Solmeta). Check it out here.
    Tomorrow I will share with you my top pick out of the 4 Nikon DSLR compatible GPS units that I’ve tried!
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