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What to Do with Points? (Feature Request?)

  • thealchemist


    I can’t remember if I posted this elsewhere … the whole point of Achievements is to increase user activity. The assignment of “points” to an achievement seems rather meaningless unless the users can utilize their points FOR something. So, I am offering certain products in “exchange” for points. As far as I know, there’s no way to “remove” points unless I also remove achievements, right?
    Do you think you’ll have a way to manage the achievements and points similarly? I will mange user’s points manually for now but in a year’s time with 2 or 300 members it might get a bit crazy.
    Could I go into the database and manually remove the points? This way if someone wants to exchange 300 points for a tshirt I can go in and change their point total?

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  • techguy


    Why not just extend the app to handle the awarding of your prizes? That way you’re not actually taking away points that they earned. Instead, you could just have a point “Balance” that’s displayed. I bet Paul has a bunch of hooks you could use for this, or if you add them he’d probably do the same in the code.

    The only thing I think you’d need to do different is your own “Leaderboard” if you wanted a feature like that.

    one thing would have to add a field that register the points gained in total, for achievements, and the other field used to take away points when paying for something… when you gain a new point, the point is stored in both fields, but credited only on one field when purchasing something… that’s how we usually do btw… :)

    You could also have the prizes as an achievement that has a negative point value. So you could have free t-shirt be an achievement worth -300 points and when they get that it will display that they “won” a shirt and it cost them 300 points.

    I requested that he add taking away achievements too, so I think Paul is planning on adding that in the next version.

    Maybe having a category within the achievements would be helpful… then you could have achievements (positive values) and then rewards (negative values).



    @thetrose @nexia and @techguy … thanks for all of the great suggestions! The one that is within my skill set would be thetrose’s suggestions of a negative reward … I’m going to go try that right now! I’ll let you know how it works out!

    Cool ideas. I’m going to switch my time and focus on Achievements a bit more in the coming weeks, so I will try to get everything in that I’ve promised.



    I’m using points for all kinds of creative things! For example I’m looking to member points to assign Ranks (pro, amateur, intermediate, etc) to users based on the members points. I’m also using user points to allow them to unlock special features in the blog theme, widgets, and other plugins. I’ve managed to lock a crap load of stuff in the theme and in member profiles to where users have to earn so many points to unlock the feature…these things can be unlocked by either unlocking a specific badge or by reaching a specific points value. pretty cool stuff. I’m spending alot of time recently on unlockable themes.



    This is a fantastic plugin. I am really looking forward to its expansion, especially in the field of education. I use similar systems in the virtual world of Second Life through a module for Moodle called SLOODLE. This module connects student activity in the virtual world, such as quizzes and object interaction, with their Moodle course. One function is an awards system inwhich students receive points for completing certain tasks or answering questions correctly. Development has slowed down to the point that I am looking elsewhere for options.

    Here is my thought, if we could have a scoreboard that ranks members based on criteria such as posts (min word count or rating), activity (based on type), and comments (word count or even…hehe…based on good spelling), then members could get a real sense of their accomplishment.

    This is where it gets really fun. IF, and I say this with great anticipation, member activity in a virtual world could be somehow appended to the website points then we could have a social serious gaming network! In education this would really make learning fun. You can see more of what I am talking about by going to my YouTube channel slmerryman. Look for the SLOODLE Awards System. You can learn more about SLOODLE at

    Oh…and if what I am saying is waaaayyy too much, which it surely is ;), could we get a more advanced points total function? I’d like to eventually allow my members to spend their points points on gifts too.

    Thank you so much for your dedication to the plugin. I think you are DEFINITELY on to something.


    Professor Merryman (SL avatar)
    aka Mike McKay

    Hi @slprof

    Sorry for delay in reply, I’ve been on holiday. Thanks for your comments. Regarding gifts; I’m personally not convinced (yet?) that the concept is a good one, so it’s not going to get put into Achievements in the near future.

    I don’t have any experience with Second Life, but I am now looking at ways of squirting data into Achievements from external sources. Does Second Life have some sort of API (i.e. XML-RPC?) that would let you do the “get data out of a virtual world” part? :)



    Hi Paul. Glad you made it back safely.

    I have been using “awards” in my community for the past year or so and have come to a wall. Members have accumulates points but have nowhere to spend them. What do you think they should do with the points? Is the purpose of getting points for bragging rights? The leader board is nice but maybe we should have badges on profiles or featured member privileges. There really does need to be a reward for all the hard work other than “monetary” gain.

    As for XML-RPC in Second Life, here is a link to a wiki article . Basically, XML-RPC has been deprecated because of single server bottlenecking due to a request limit of one.

    HTTP server is currently the way to go for bi-directional script communication.

    If you would like to meet me in Second Life I can show you some scripted object examples. I’m not a programmer but have a pretty extensive background in web development and design. Here is a video of a murder mystery game that utilizes points and prizes. This particular is not SLOODLE enabled.



    @slprof: To the point of “badges”, we’ve considered a cron based image generation of profile badges to allow users to “brag” on their achievements on 3rd party sites which will provide a link back to their BP profile page. Is that you were thinking when you mentioned badges?



    At the risk of posting in an old unread thread, I will ask anyway…..

    Paul Gibbs,

    Are you close to executing the “Rewards” system discussed in this thread? I think it would be a really awesome feature.

    Hi. No. Not convinced about the value of virtual currency — which is really what this is — for the plugin. I think it’s more its own thing.

    That’s a real shame :(

    Especially considering that Cubepoints most “recent” release is extremely buggy on current BP/WP and Multisite installations with no signs of being updated.

    I hope you will reconsider, Paul.



    ummm, maybe this is an incorrect observation but wouldn’t it be possible to just code this in (as in take the existing plugin and just add or edit to make it as you like)? isn’t cubepoints under an open source license? just hire one of thousands of WP/BP developers and away you go… or am I missing something?

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