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Where is the members upload page?

  • There’s absolutely nothing appearing in any of my members pages or on any of the members menus. This plugin is supposed to give members a way to add photos to their own albums and publish it on the site, correct? Do they have to access the backend for this? HELP

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  • 12 hours of waiting for anyone to answer. About to disable and delete this frackin plugin and either find something else or write it my damn self.

    hi, am using this plugin and its fantastic. at the buddy bar—> Album—>Upload picture


    thanks so much. i know i was a little testy on my last post. hope it didn’t offend anyone.

    i did finally get bpalbum+ working, though. i didn’t figure out what was actually happening, but the third time i reinstalled it, it started working like a charm. maybe it was a slow server or something.

    but thanks for the tip!

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    Is the BuddyBar the ONLY way to get to the BP Album pages? I have a client who wants the functionality of this plugin, but doesn’t want to the BuddyBar…how does one access the uploader if there is no BuddyBar?

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    We’re aware of the problem (this one is WordPress’ fault and has affected thousands of other plugins) and we should have a fix out within 24 hours.


    Cool – I also want the functionality without using the BuddyBar
    I’ll be checking in periodically
    Thanks for the awesome plugin!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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